World of Hurt – duet with Nick Delatovic

Before I left Canberra, Nick Delatovic took a handful of musicians in to the studio to lay down some of his tracks. Nick is one of my oldest friends and favourite (and most prolific!) songwriters, it’s always a blast to work with him. Check out this video of the song World of Hurt we made – you may also catch a glimpse of Deep Sea Nick and Deep Sea Sam! World of Hurt – Nick Delatovic

Goodbye Australia, Hello Berlin!

I’ve unpacked my suitcase in Berlin for the next few months, to see some music and have an adventure. It was a very hard decision because things have been going so well in Australia, we made so many friends on the Lake George national tour. But I want to write some new music for you and the Deep Sea Sirens, and I can’t do that by sitting in the same bedroom, by the same lamp with the same guitar. So here I go on a great big European adventure, I promise not to turn completely techno! (actually I promise nothing).


Brand new website!

Well, after a few weeks of not having a website, we have one again! I made it myself and I hope you like it. You can look at all of our social media places along the bottom of the pages, and look at our shop, and listen to us, and find out allllll the gossip!

Gossip #1: We’ve got some pretty special merch which will be on sale soon…

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